Our Changing World: How Changes In The Telecom World Are Changing Our Lives

The telecom industry is quickly moving away from the landline as the primary telephone used in homes and offices to wireless and Voice over Internet (VOIP) technologies. It was not so long ago that telephone companies made a great deal of money from long distance and international calls. Today, however, people and businesses are using other communication technologies to make their long distance calls, significantly reducing the profits for the major telecom companies. What was once the purview of telecommunications providers, is not being offered by cable companies at faster and less expensive rates.

Today, many companies offer bundled packages that include voice, video and data. This change has forced many local telephone providers to enter the data and wireless market. Cable providers are also making headway as broadband takes over from DSL and telephone companies lose customers to cable’s faster internet speeds.

More than a third of all Americans and even more, 60 percent of young adults, are going wireless only for their personal and home phones, as smartphone and tablet technology expands.

Where telecom providers have stepped up and invested in high-speed broadband, they are successfully competing against the cable companies. Even so, there are four major players in the U.S. telecom industry. There are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Brighter Bills, a leading hosted IP and Business VoIP provider, say “these four companies hold onto their share of the telecom market because of their network reliability and different coverage areas”. As the telecom market matures, the only ways to compete are to cut prices or offer more different services.

One of the most aggressive when it comes to pricing is T-Mobile who touts itself as the carrier. As T-Mobile announced significantly lower prices for the same services, AT&T and Sprint were forced into what amounted to a price war. Even so, T-Mobile maintains their low prices, although there have been some complaints that they slow down data speed once a certain amount of data has been used.

Today, telecom companies are paying more attention to meeting the needs of their individual consumers. The extensive changes in integrated media are driving how people communicate, both with each other and with businesses. Just as telecom once allowed us to cross time and distance, now multimedia provides opportunities for introducing a physical reality into the telecommunication world. The industries which are being revolutionized by this concept are mostly those involved in dealing with the human senses. These include health care, entertainment, advertising, education, and unfortunately, warfare. these key sectors are each experiencing telecommunication innovations which are reducing costs and enhancing operations. These various industries are also examining ways they can virtualize their services and products to enhance their reach to their target audience.

Changing the way a person receives their health care or attends a class can provide them new opportunities and save them both time and money. Today, people are shopping, traveling, and staying in touch by using new technology and software. The reality is that telecom technology is changing how we live our lives.

The changes in telecom technology and service delivery are changing daily. New advances will create more opportunities and the industry will expand and improve to meet them.

PBX Or Hosted Telephony? A Comprehensive Guide To Choose The Best

Buying a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone system can be a challenging task in itself. There is one critical decision to make when purchasing such a telephone system. That is, whether to choose a premises based telephone system (PBX) or a Cloud Phone System (Hosted Telephony)? When it comes to a premises-based system, the hardware and appliances will be kept on-site in the server closet of the organization whereas a hosted telephony system will connect through a provider that maintains equipment at a Cloud data center on the net. This article provides an overview of choosing between a PBX system or Hosted Telephony system.

A PBX system comes with a higher upfront cost for all the equipment that needs to be stored within the premises. But they don’t have a recurring monthly fee. On the other hand, hosted telephone systems don’t have high upfront costs. Most providers charge a monthly fee per user. Hosted VoIP systems are great for an organization that has between 5 to 15 employees working for them. Large businesses with more than 100 employees usually choose cloud-based telephone systems due to their numerous other advantages. But it is always better to consult a knowledgeable VoIP specialist in order to weight the unique aspects of your particular business before deciding on the best telephone system for your organization.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is another important factor to consider when choosing between these two telephone systems. A cloud based telephone system has a low TCO due to the saving in IT personnel and server configurations and maintenance. A premises based telephone system comes with a higher TCO because of having to hire IT personnel and maintain and configure server equipment within the premises of the business. Brighter Bills, the telecoms and hosted telephony experts, have said “depending on the structure and size of your business, a cloud-based telephone system can be more advantageous to your organization compared to a PBX system”.

The current infrastructure and technology used within your business premises will also affect your decision in choosing between a cloud based or a PBX telephone system. If you are already using a Legacy System to connect your phones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), it would be easier for you to shift to a PBX telephone system. How you plan to expand your business will also have an effect on the telephone system you choose. If you expect a rapid growth in your business within the coming years, it is best that you go for a cloud based telephone system. This will help add new users to the cloud system as the need arises. By any chance, if you decide to go with a PBX system, you need to purchase a larger appliance that will help accommodate the future growth of your business.

Remember, the right phone system is essential for the success of your business. There are so many important factors that you need to consider when choosing between a cloud based telephone system and a PBX telephone system. The aforementioned tips will facilitate your decision.

How Cloud-Based IT Can Help Businesses Communicate

Business communication is one of the most important steps for growth. However, it is a challenge for businesses to communicate at times because of the different deals that need to be completed and the way they are going to be completed. This is when businesses need to know how valuable cloud-based IT is when it comes to communicating. By knowing about how this is going to help businesses out, they will not mind using the cloud to help them out, but also to ensure everyone is on the exact same page.

Various levels of access are one of the key points people will find with the cloud that is available to them. While most people think the cloud is going to be like an open book and anyone can contribute to it, they need to realize there is the chance to restrict the access that people have on the cloud. This way people are going to have a chance to control who has access to the information that is being shared. Then people can communicate directly with their bosses, but also have a chance to communicate directly with the employees about where a project stands.

Communications and cloud
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Having a cloud often will allow for a record of all the information that is going on with the business. While this may not seem like it is important for people to know it is invaluable if the business is sued or has some other issues that come up. Not only that this will allow the business to know when people are working on the topic and duplicate the ideas that led to some great results. Without this, type of record the company may have to experiment again to figure out what they did that worked for the results they had before.

The cost of communication can be greatly reduced when people are using the cloud to communicate back and forth. While most businesses never think about this, they need to realize if they are communicating with the cloud, they will not have to depend on shipping companies to get the items sent out. However, what people need to realize is this means all the documents will need to be put into a format that can easily be downloaded to any of the computers that people may end up working with. So this is another key component that people are going to enjoy with the cloud.

While most businesses still rely on communication with a phone or VoIP or in person, they need to realize this may not be feasible for some of the branches of the company. When this is the case, the business needs to know how the cloud-based IT solutions are going to be able to help them in opening up new lines of communication. By knowing about this, it will be easy for a business to see they can finally communicate and be able to save money at the same time. Then they can also have an easier time keeping track of everyone’s progress as well, which will help everyone in the business know what is going on.

Advantages Of Cloud Phone Service For Businesses

Thanks to advances made in technology, small and large businesses have tapped into various cloud-based services. These clouds based services are not only cheaper but much more efficient. One of the several popular applications of cloud-based services is cloud telephony.

Cloud-based phone service has a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. This is the reason that small as well as big businesses are replacing their old phone systems with cloud-based solutions.

In simple terms, cloud-based telephony can be defined as a virtually hosted system that makes use of Internet to make calls. Here is a list of some of the advantages offered by cloud-based phone service for businesses.

cloud phones

Cost Saving

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget to have an in-house IT department. So, when the traditional phone system goes down, they are at the mercy of the telephone company and it usually means lost productivity and lost sales. Also, the traditional telephone system is over-reliant on hardware which means that problems usually take a long time to get fixed.

On the other hand, cloud phone service does not depend on site based hardware. All a business needs to connect to a cloud phone system is a router.

Also, these cloud-based telephone systems do not come with any long-term contracts. Users are free to pay on a pay-as-you-go basis. This payment structure helps in bringing down the overall cost and also offers much more control over the cost structure.

Also, there is no need to have costly technical contractors to maintain systems as everything is cloud-based.

Extremely Flexible

One of the other advantages of cloud telephone system is that these systems can grow or shrink as per the needs of the business. A business can add or surrender numbers with just a few mouse clicks.

The cloud-based telephone system makes it easier to control the whole communication system through a central dashboard.

Multiple Locations

If the business has more than one site, the business can maintain all the locations through one system. On the other hand, a business may need to sign up different services in case of traditional phone systems. This not only helps in saving time but also money.

Implementation Is Easy

It is extremely easy to install a cloud-based telephone system as there is no need to install any extra hardware. A business can simply sign up for a plan and start making calling.


The only thing needed for full functionality for a cloud-based system is internet connectivity. In simple terms, businesses do not need a separate PBX box or copper wiring. The cloud-based phone service allows businesses to make calls, arrange conference calls, send and receive text messages from anywhere.

Free Upgrades

A cloud-based system means that businesses get automatic system updates from a central location. Everyone in the company will always have access to latest technology and features introduced by the service provider.

There are some of the main of benefits of cloud phone services for businesses. It allows businesses to focus on their core business which is to increase sales and satisfy their customer needs.

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